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Small Business Idea: As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to show your support for small businesses. Not only can you discover unique and high-quality gifts, but you’ll also be contributing to the success of your local entrepreneurs. In this article, we’ll explore some of my favorite small businesses that offer fantastic holiday gift options, all of which can be ordered online. Let’s dive into the world of small business shopping!

Everyone Loves Food

1. Full Belly Farm: Nestled in the picturesque Capay Valley of Northern California, Full Belly Farm stands out as a favorite farm of mine. They hold a coveted “Real Organic Project” certification, emphasizing rigorous organic practices. Lucky for us, they offer a wide range of delectable goodies online. Don’t miss out on their almond butter – my nephew swears by it!

2. Prevedelli Farms: If you’re a fan of apples, Prevedelli Farms is a must-visit. Located in California and boasting 40 apple varieties, this family-owned farm has been in operation since 1945. Beyond apples, explore their “farm pantry” for delightful treats like fruit jams and organic cocktail mixes.

3. Your Local Independent Grocer: Many cities still host independently owned grocery stores, hidden gems for gift baskets, unique gourmet items, and even complete meals. Most of these grocers now offer local delivery services. Personally, I frequent Piazza’s Fine Food, a fantastic local grocery with the added bonus of being owned by my book designer’s spouse.

4. Bloombox: If you’re a salad enthusiast, you’ll love Bloombox salad dressings. Crafted to complement specific greens like spinach, arugula, and kale, these dressings can be ordered online. Their gift boxes make excellent choices for health-conscious salad lovers.

5. Gneiss Spice or Penzey’s: For the culinary enthusiasts on your gift list, consider high-quality spices from small businesses. Gneiss Spice and Penzey’s curate some of the freshest and finest spices available, and both offer convenient online ordering.

Lots of Other Wonderful Stuff

6. Any Independent Bookstore: Independent bookstores, often referred to as ‘indies,’ are not just places to buy books – they are vibrant hubs of your community. Shopping at a local bookstore provides access to great advice and a wide range of gifts in addition to books. Some of my personal favorites include Kepler’s in Menlo Park, California, Books Inc in Palo Alto, and Tattered Cover in Denver. You can also support independent bookstores online through platforms like

7. ACE Hardware: Surprisingly, your local ACE Hardware store is often a small business. ACE operates as a cooperative of independently owned companies, not a chain or franchise. These stores offer an array of helpful products, knowledgeable staff, and an assortment of items, from gadgets and home goods to tools and hardware. My local ACE Hardware is a treasure trove of useful finds.

8. RVL Skincare: Elevate your skincare routine with products developed or selected by Dr. Rita Linkner, a renowned dermatologist. RVL Skincare offers a range of fabulous skincare items that stand apart from drugstore or department store products. Explore RVL Skincare

9. Nicole Marie Paperie: For those who appreciate beautiful stationery products, Nicole Marie Paperie is a delightful source of elegant cards, prints, and other gifts. Their vintage typewriter print graces my office wall, and it’s worth noting that this business is both Black-owned and woman-owned.

10. Jelt: Almost everyone can use a good belt, and Jelt offers belts made from recycled plastic, packaged in recycled cardboard. These belts not only feel comfortable but also allow you to feel good about your eco-friendly choice. Jelt’s products are crafted in Montana, and a portion of the proceeds goes to support veterans, children, and the environment.

11. Kiwi Crate: While Kiwi Crate has grown significantly, it’s worth mentioning for its innovative monthly crates filled with arts-and-crafts projects. These crates make perfect gifts for young children and are an excellent choice for grandparents, aunts, or uncles to give. Kiwi Co., a woman-founded company, has experienced substantial growth, showing that small businesses can flourish.

12. OlyverApp: If you have an aspiring or established entrepreneur on your gift list, consider helping them with their legal needs, such as incorporation, trademarks, and contract management. OlyverApp offers an all-in-one solution that simplifies entrepreneurship’s legal aspects. It’s a small business dedicated to making entrepreneurship easy.

13. Capiaux Wine: Let’s toast to the new year with an exceptional bottle of wine that won’t break the bank. Capiaux Cellars, a boutique winery located in Napa Valley, California, produces my favorite Pinot Noir in the world. It’s our family’s go-to Pinot, consistently triumphing in blind tastings. Wine is a wonderful addition to holiday gatherings!

As you embark on your holiday shopping journey, remember that choosing to shop small can make a significant impact on local businesses. You not only find unique gifts but also contribute to the livelihoods of passionate entrepreneurs in your community and beyond. Happy holiday shopping!

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